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By: STR (Guest) on 07-08-2010 05:39

More Reasons coming in...

By: STR (Guest IP on 07-08-2010 05:39

Mona Vijaykar is another American-Indian putting the blame fair and square on American-Indians saying that we did not enlighten the melting-pot of our Indian heritage, as we are all silently 'ashamed' of our culture. 
well.. well.. big words from an Indian-American.... and ready for tomatoe tossing.. but here's the thing: she is a person of action.. having been trying to break Indian sterotypes in classrooms for many years now. She seems to practice what she preaches. news/view_article.html? article_id=4d1b94538f54ee327c0 a3a7588d6fe7b&this_category_id=144


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