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WE ARE ONE is forgotten amonst us

By: Ria (Guest) on 29-07-2010 15:29

WE ARE ONE is forgotten amonst us

By: Ria (Guest IP on 29-07-2010 15:29

The reality is the other communities have all united-- and India is still divided. That's why we in the Indian-American and the Indian in India community still STRUGGLE for acceptance. 
If it's not my problem (it's those folks in Edison... Joel still likes me.. ), it's 'chalta-hai' (a-ok). relax, take a chill pill.. you dig? 
Unfortunately, this exact mentality has resulted in the extreme mis-fortune for the low-class in India (our poverty)... people are so busy worrying about themselves and their inner-circle... we have FORGOTTEN that we are all part of a greater whole.


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